To pledge to pay an additional deposit in the event of an extension for rent and be notified as a batch approval of the contract.

late payment

In the case of late payment of the receivable from the lessee by the Office of the captain the right to claim a 10% ten percent for each month of delay to be paid the full amount.

Fines pay

Tenant agrees to pay fines for traffic law violations committed during the period of the lease and the office maintains a right to claim any amount owed by the tenant.

Re-hire the vehicle from subcontractors

the tenant is not entitled to re-hire the vehicle from subcontractors or used for purposes of withdrawal or Basbqat or participate in games or download materials can cause damage to the vehicle in case of violation of this item Msala the tenant for damage to the vehicle in addition to a composite income.

Car state

Tenant agrees also to return the vehicle in the same state they were in at the beginning of the lease period for the service patrol and in the event of failure to observe the requirements of this item, the responsibility to repair any mechanical failure caused by this neglect is compensated for leasing office for each subsequent losses including income allowance vehicle located the responsibility of the tenant.


To submit documents is correct and valid for a leasing office and official circles and the Tenant acknowledges that possession of a driver’s license authorizing him to drive rented by the traffic laws in force in the United Arab Emirates as well as all names of persons mentioned in the insurance contract.